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LATEST : April 2014

New to TV

If you're thinking about advertising on TV, read on to find out how to get started. 

TV is a high impact, cost-effective medium

Advertising on TV provides immediacy, mass coverage, flexibility and accountability. It ensures an advertiser's message reaches a chosen target in an effective but cost-efficient way. 

But maybe you think it's beyond your reach, too expensive and too complicated. Well, let us tell you otherwise, because TV can be cheaper than you think. 

However small the budget, every advertiser can join in. 

Read on to find out what you need to ask yourself, then get in touch with our friendly and helpful team on 020 7306 8018, 020 7306 8336 or 020 7306 8252 who can guide you through the process. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ask yourself:

  1. Can my brand advertise on TV? Refer to Clearcast for find out
  2. Who do I want to target? 16-34s, upmarket audiences, male or female etc?
  3. How much do I want to spend reaching them?
  4. Do I want to achieve brand awareness or get direct response?

Where, how long, how much?

  1. Where do I want my ad? Did you know we can offer you national or regional coverage on Channel 4 (see our Macro Map for details), or full coverage on these digital channels - E4, More4, Film4, 4Music, Box channels (Kerrang, Magic, Kiss, Box, Q, Smash Hits), UKTV channels (Alibi, Blighty, Dave, Eden, Gold, Good Food, Home, Really, Watch, Yesterday)
  2. How long will my ad be? 30 seconds is the norm, but multiples of 10 are possible
  3. Do I have an advertising agency in mind?
  4. Do I have an advert already made?

If you need any help, talk to us and we can guide you through. We can also recommend an agency or production company as they all have different specialities. If you decide to make an ad without an agency, read the General Information below. 

For any more information, get in touch on our dedicated advertising enquiries line 020 7306 5131. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

General Information

  1. Payment Terms: please contact Nadine Brammer on 020 7306 8648
  2. Make sure you read our Ts and Cs and Technical Specifications on the right
  3. Delivery of Commercials:

    Channel 4 accept delivery of commercials via:

    Electronic File Delivery:
    From IMD 020 7468 6850
    From Adstream 020 7691 6300

    Packages must be clearly marked 'C4 COMMERCIALS FOR TX' 
    And sent to:
    MIA Commercials Team
    Red Bee Media BCG D6 Broadcast Centre
    201 Wood Lane 
    W12 7TP

    All facility companies will be aware of these methods.

    The copy must be received at least 4 working days before transmission.

  4. Tell us how to use your ad:

    All ads sent must be supported by copy rotation instructions. These must include product name, clock numbers, channel and areas of transmission, campaign dates and if more than one commercial of the same length, how you wish them to be used. Send instructions to

  5. Important note

    All commercials must conform to OFCOM guidelines and standards and be fully approved by Clearcast can be contacted on: 020 7339 4700.

If you intend to use text in your commercial then guidelines can be found here.